Tuesday, 26-Sep-2023
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is 1st. CLICK 2 CALL Service for all Website Owners who like to offer a Toll Free phone call to their visitors for Instant Orders of Hot Prospect.

Click 2 Call is the instant Callback Services for all Web Site Owners / Webmasters / Marketing Team ofyour Website, etc.that like to offer a free phone call to their visitors.

OnlineClick2Call.in allows Web Site Visitors to type in their Phone/Mobile Number & click the Call Button, instantly their phone will ring and they will be connected to a representative of the site owner over normal phone lines.

Control:All OnlineClick2Call.in account owners can set their time-zone, business hours and countrylist for their OnlineClick2Call.in account in the on-line control panel. This way the OnlineClick2Call.in account owner decides when he is available for calls.

Privacy:The OnlineClick2Call.in system does not show the phone number you stored in the system tothe web-visitor. The OnlineClick2Call.in account owner can for example accept OnlineClick2Call.in calls on his mobile phone without publishing his mobile phone number.

The OnlineClick2Call.in account owner can change the stored phone number in the on-line OnlineClick2Call.in control panel any time.

How Click 2 Call Works:

  • The customer clicks on the Instant Callback Button, enters his or her phone number, and clicks Click 2 Call button.
  • Now the OnlineClick2Call.in Server builds a connection to the phone number entered by the website visitor and connects to the Website Owner or his Call Centre or his Executive, the two phone calls are in Conference.
  • The link immediately triggers a call to a specific phone number at your company. Your sales or customer service representative answers, and the service informs them that they are being connected to a web site visitor.
  • Your company representative and your customer are immediately conference together and your staff can answer the visitor's question.