Wednesday, 26-Jun-2024
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What are the major benefits of OnlineClick2Call:?
1. Unlike a convention callback system, CallOnClick connects you to your visitors whilst they are still fresh, you will not be calling them back later, when they are no longer looking at your website and considering your products
2. This is a click to call solution, served in your own language
3. You will be able to increase your conversion rates, by providing your website visitors with a free and immediate way to contact you
4. The most efficient sales tool in the world is a real human being talking live with a potential customer
5. Most website visitors would prefer to confirm details and ask questions before deciding to purchase goods or services
6. A fully global solution, allowing you to keep in contact with your customers anywhere in the world
7. You have complete control of which times at which times and from which locations your customers can call
8. No need to remember your telephone number or copy it down, the visitor simply clicks the push to talk button

Total control for you!
CallOnClick was designed to ensure that you maintain control of every part of the system, allowing you to make immediate changes to your push to talk solution via your web browser, completely on-line. You will have total real-time control over which users and which global locations have access, far more control than a simple callback system would allow. A list of some of the options that can be configured are:
You may change the target telephone number (the number that visitors will be connected to when they hit the push to talk button)
The time zone you operate your business in
The working hours of your business on each day of the week
You can decide if you wish to accept calls from cellular networks, or exclude these more expensive calls
You can choose to receive a status email containing the details of each call
You may select location zones which visitors may call from, such as only from within your country or region, or from anywhere in the world