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Hosted Solution:
This is a completed hosted solution, the only thing you need to do is add a link to your website.
A whole range of options for integration into your website as either a text link, graphical button or email link

Customize your window and icons:
A whole range of options for integrating CallOnClick into your website along with the call window customization.
The system can be branded by uploading a logo and customizing the window colors.

Simple web based access to the control panel, allowing quick and easy configuration of your system.
A completely flexible and configurable database driven system.
Complete flexibility of where you will allow users to call from, such as country, region or global, along as with restricting cellular calls

History and statistics:
Complete and easy access to history and statistics produced by CallOnClick
Comment tagging of entries in the history list.
Logging of calls made by website visitors outside of business hours, the call will not be connected but the caller’s number will be saved, allowing you to call them back within office hours

Real time reporting:
Real time display of call times for both the website owner and the visitors time.
These are monitored and fed by our server time and are adjusted to reflect the users time zones.
The overall view of billed calls made within the system may be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format

Instant accounts, more credit as needed
New accounts created instantly. More credit can be purchased on the fly quickly and easily.

Integrate with Google:
Integrate with Google analytic and Adwords conversion tracking.
Support full Google Analytics integration, by supplying your Google Analytics Tracker ID in the control panel, you will be able to track conversions within the Google Analytics Reports