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  What is ? initiates high quality Phone conversations between the website customers and and website owners.
  How does the OnlineClick2Call button work
  • The customer clicks on the OnlineClick2Call Button, enters his or her phone number, and clicks a button.
  • The link immediately triggers a call to a specific phone number at your company.
  • Your sales or customer service representative answers, and the service informs them that they are being connected to a web site visitor.
  • Your company representative and your customer are immediately in conference and your staff can answer the visitor's question
  Which Browsers Are Supported? is thoroughly tested to work in Firefox , Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Other browsers will work, but these four are guaranteed.
  Are two phone lines needed?
No. Customers with only one line can request a call later and can be contacted at the time most convenient to them. Two phone lines will allow your customer to remain connected to the Internet while receiving the call, which is the way most serious web users are configured.
  What happens if my customer's line is busy?
Since the customer initiated the call, usually the customer's line will be free in expectation of the call. If the visitor is on the phone, your salesperson may get the customer's voice mail, at which point he/she can leave a message. If the customer's line is busy, your operator can select the auto redial feature or simply hang up and let the caller make another call.
  Is it easy to implement a OnlineClick2Call button on my site?
Very easy. The set up on your side can be done on-line. Once you fill out the on-line application and submit it, OnlineClick2Call will return a customized hyperlink and offer a choice of GIFs for you to use as call buttons on your site. Simply put the call buttons on your site and link them to the URL we give you and you are done with your setup! OnlineClick2Call will complete the set-up process in 1-2 business days.
  What happens if all my incoming lines are busy?
The visitor's call may go into your voice mail system if it is configured to answer when all lines are busy. If our system gets a busy signal from your phones, it will make four attempts at one-minute intervals and then abandon the call if it can't get through.
  Can I have multiple buttons on my site call different phone numbers?
Yes. We suggest you use multiple numbers to pinpoint the exact person who can best speak on the subject the visitor is reviewing on your web site. You can point to as many different numbers as you have buttons, or you can have many buttons all pointed to the same number. There is no fee for additional buttons.
  What special software or hardware is needed to use ICB by the customer or web site
  None! Only a phone line to receive the call is needed.
  Can I have my own button image?
  Yes, you can use the pre designed button image or create and use your own
  Can I Setup Business Hours?
  Advertiser can setup Call Hours, when he wishes to receive calls.
  Can I Setup Visitor Validation?
We offer Visitor Validation via SMS, once visitor enters his number he is send a SMS with Verification code, and ask him to enter Verification code, if he enters correct Code Call is Initiated from IVR else call lapses.
  History & Statistics
  Yes, the Call History is available in the Call Log date wise, advertiser can select the date range and download the CSV.
  Can I Customize my OnlineCLick2Call Button
  You can choose from ICB gallery of pre-designed ICB icons or design your own Icon and upload
  Can I ban calls from certain Numbers ?
  Yes we provide facility to Black List any number advertiser wishes, this is easily done using the web panel.
  Are there any hidden fees ?
  No hidden fees!
  What if I don't use my account frequently ?
  There are no recurring fees and you are about to carry your unused minutes as long as you have an account.
  Are there any refunds ?
No. Due to our high cost per transaction, and our lowest prices on the net, we are unable to refund for any usage on accounts.
  How do I add credit to my account ?
Login to your Control Panel.
Here the Advertiser can Recharge, Top Up or simply Deposit Funds by clicking on 3 options available on the right hand corner of the control panel.

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by using any of the available Payment Modes.
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