Saturday, 18-May-2024
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is 1st. CLICK 2 CALL Service for all Website Owners who like to offer a Toll Free phone call to their visitors for Instant Orders of Hot Prospect.

Click 2 Call is the instant Callback Services for all Web Site Owners / Webmasters / Marketing Team ofyour Website, etc.that like to offer a free phone call to their visitors. allows Web Site Visitors to type in their Phone/Mobile Number & click the Call Button, instantly their phone will ring and they will be connected to a representative of the site owner over normal phone lines.

Control:All account owners can set their time-zone, business hours and countrylist for their account in the on-line control panel. This way the account owner decides when he is available for calls.

Privacy:The system does not show the phone number you stored in the system tothe web-visitor. The account owner can for example accept calls on his mobile phone without publishing his mobile phone number.

The account owner can change the stored phone number in the on-line control panel any time.

How Click 2 Call Works:

  • The customer clicks on the Instant Callback Button, enters his or her phone number, and clicks Click 2 Call button.
  • Now the Server builds a connection to the phone number entered by the website visitor and connects to the Website Owner or his Call Centre or his Executive, the two phone calls are in Conference.
  • The link immediately triggers a call to a specific phone number at your company. Your sales or customer service representative answers, and the service informs them that they are being connected to a web site visitor.
  • Your company representative and your customer are immediately conference together and your staff can answer the visitor's question.